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Ensuring the safety of Farmers

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Drone Controlling Mobile Application

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Agri Drone

Agricultural Drone Solutions

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We Define Agriculture in a new aspect. We have reached the peak of innovation with our rising way to accurately strive forward and by flourishing highly functional Agri Drones.

New Farming Spray Methods for Agriculture advancement!

There are a number of ways in which Agri drones are better than manual sprayers.

  • Precision agriculture has never been easier! Our Agri Drone Spray services provide farmers with the ability to precisely target crops with herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. This results in healthier crops and higher yields.
  • Bringing the power of drone technology to agriculture.
  • Helping farmers increase crop yields and decrease costs with precision drone spraying services.
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Flexible enough to be folded and can be carried easily. Variety of applications available to ease up your hard-work. Our Drones are capable of spraying Pesticides, fertilizers and disinfectants. A better accessibility so that you can control the movement as well as the route and landing of the Drone which can be controlled both manually and Automatically. An accurate flight speed of 4 Meters per second to save up valuable extra time and quickly adjust to the requirements.
But why choose Drones over human power?

The latest news from drones life

Drones help to reduce labor cost and can be quick enough to save your valuable time. Safety is its first priority, with the help of Drones you can prevent yourself from being in touch with pesticides. These Drones do not require extra luggage and can be easily carried along with their extra attachments.
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