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MCloud Drone Solutions is bringing revolution with our Drones. We are not just here to seek a better opportunity but to build our own level to raise agricultural research. Our highly educated engineers have provided a lot of specifications to the Drones designed by us. Here you can have a look at their features as they’re mentioned below.

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Our Drones are engineered in a way that even if they weigh 24KG, you can easily mount them to a motor bike and can safely transport it to a remote location along with its additional attachments such as:

  • Seed Broadcaster
  • Seed Dispersal
  • Terrain Following Radar Module
  • Controller with screen
  • Diagonal dimension: 1416 mm
  • Folding dimension: 700 x 799 x 587 mm
  • Unfolded dimension: 1780 x 1780 x 587 mm
  • Motors: x8
  • Electronic Speed Controller: 80A
  • Power: LIPo Battery 16,000 mAh
  • Payload: 10L Tank
  • Drone Weight without tank: 12KG
  • Drone Weight with full tank: 24KG
  • Flight Time (Nominal): 15 minutes
  • Flight Speed (Recommended): 4-6 meters/second
  • Body Type: Water proof
  • Operating Temperature: 10-50 C