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MCloud Drone Solutions is bringing revolution with our Drones. We are not just here to seek a better opportunity but to build our own level to raise agricultural research. Our highly educated engineers have provided a lot of specifications to the Drones designed by us. Here you can have a look at their features as they’re mentioned below.

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The best thing about our drones is that they intercept humans from being in contact with the detrimental pesticides. Our Drones are proficient enough of spraying 6 to 7 acres of land in just one hour, while narrowing the human power cost and that’s why they’re abundantly reliable.Our Drones are capable of taking many actions. To make sure that the user gets to rely on our drone without having to worry. We’ve made sure to add every possible feature to help our users.

  • Diagonal dimension: 1416 mm
  • Folding dimension: 700 x 799 x 587 mm
  • Unfolded dimension: 1780 x 1780 x 587 mm
  • Motors: x8
  • Electronic Speed Controller: 80A
  • Power: LIPo Battery 16,000 mAh
  • Payload: 10L Tank
  • Drone Weight without tank: 12KG
  • Drone Weight with full tank: 24KG
  • Flight Time (Nominal): 15 minutes
  • Flight Speed (Recommended): 4-6 meters/second
  • Body Type: Water proof
  • Operating Temperature: 10-50 C