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Our Specifications

Perfect Specifications

Along with its features, our drones also have the accessibility to use Dual GPS/ Dual Redundant IMU, FVP Camera & LED Light and many more.

Automated Functionality

Our Drones are fully automated and their routes can also be manually adjusted.

Transport Flexibility

Can Easily be mounted to another location with a motor bike along with its attachments.


Motor & Power

x8 Motor along with the Power of LIPo 16,000 mAh Battery.  

Flight Time & Speed

A Superior Flight Time of 15 Minutes with a devastating speed of 4-6 meters per second.

Body & Weight

A water proof body that easily carries up to 10L by keeping operating temperature at 10-50 C


Drones that carry safety to farmers in the field of Agriculture.

As you know, Drones are now a valuable support to farmers. They have defined themselves to be a great partner to us by becoming a helping hand. Drones can be counted as beneficial to humans since it avoids humans from touching pesticides. These Drones not only help in reducing labor cost but they can also be proven effective in increasing safety of the operators and its users. The high risk of crop getting damaged will also be diminished meanwhile the speed and accuracy of spraying will be balanced in order to circumvent chemical drift. Our Agricultural drones only spray to the targeted areas which enables the reduction in the consumption of pesticides or insecticides. Due to the low use of pesticides as well as water, we make sure to be eco-friendly. Farmers are dedicated in order to protect their crops or to increase their productivity. During the development of our drone, we’ve kept these necessary sharp ends at our top priority so we can develop the technology that has the ability to achieve the level which can be worthy as a valuable support to farmers.


Dronezy 300X
Range4.5 km

Product 2

Dronezy 300X
Range3.4 km

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Dronezy 300X
Range2.6 km