Drone Spray Services

MCloud ensures the safety of Farmers and farm workers.

As you know, Drones are now a valuable support to farmers. They have defined themselves to be a great partner to us by becoming a helping hand. Drones can be counted as beneficial to humans since it avoids humans from touching pesticides. These Drones not only help in reducing labour cost but they can also be proven effective in increasing safety of the operators and its users. The high risk of crop getting damaged will also be diminished meanwhile the speed and accuracy of spraying will be balanced in order to circumvent chemical drift.

Mcloud Drone Solutions dispenses drone spray services such as:

  • Pesticides spraying
  • Fertilizer spraying
  • Disinfect spraying

We’ve taken measures of every action that can assist farmers to lessen the impact on the environment and aid them to not spend much on chemicals. With the help of our Drones, you can decrease the 1/10 usage of water that is used for spraying in the traditional way. In addition, our drones will target specific areas such as parts of land that need much more maintenance than others. By spraying only in an appropriate amount, this will result in water from being wasted on an entire land.

Our spraying Drones have the ability to cover vast areas faster than any other means of farming such as tractors etc. In a short time, many more acres will be covered, thus reducing the labour cost. A median spraying drone covers areas or acres depending on their size or the size of land. MCloud Drone Solutions provides drones that can easily cover 6 to 7 acres in an hour with the speed of 6 meters per second. Our Drones can spray with excellent accuracy or precision since they have the facility to stick to GPS points developed within them.

To ensure that your crops are healthy and safe, spraying fertilizer from a drone leads to a substantial way to keep pests away from farms. Crops are vulnerable to pesticides or insecticides if they are sprayed in a deranged amount. Spraying insecticides evenly on farms in a traditional way can be difficult and insecticides are already exorbitant to be purchased commonly. A Spraying Drone can do it more effectively and efficiently. It will disinfect in an appropriate aggregate to steer clear of harm to the fields and environment.